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Light Through The Window

When I critique, judge, or teach others one of the things I am always mentioning is how a viewers eye sees things. OneView full post »

Red, White, and Blue but not our National Bird

This was the dominant gobbler in the flock and when other younger gobblers, called jakes, approached the hen he was withView full post »

Full Strut Gobbler

This alpha tom turkey struts it’s stuff for a nearby hen that was already sitting on it’s nest. I wasView full post »

Wild Turkey Gobbler On Alert

I’ve said it before but I don’t mind repeating it spring isn’t official for me until I hear a turkeyView full post »

Working A Scene, Step by visual step.

Let’s go through the thought process of working a scene. Here is the scene setter. The line of the parking lot,View full post »

Tree Line In Infrared

Continuing yesterdays theme the same tree line photographed in spring with infrared (Fuji XE1, 18-55IS, R72 filter)View full post »

A Winter Flash Back

A look back at images from a brief March snow storm. This post illustrates an answer I gave after recently judging aView full post »

The Fallen

Fallen Tree in Tyler State Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Fuji XE1, 18-55IS, R72 infrared filter.View full post »

Night snow scene. Tree and phragmites. Photo by Dan Creighton

Phragmites and Trees In Snow Storm

I knew I wouldn’t have the time to photograph the latest snow storm in a good location before the sun was high inView full post »

Choose your viewpoint, images of trees

Foggy Trees, Viewpoint Changes Message

Just as color and tone can impart mood so can your choice of view point, lens selection, exposure, and otherView full post »

Cemetary Photo Mood Choices

Foggy Morning, Toning for Mood

Color and tone in an image can greatly effect the emotional response of viewers to your images. When processingView full post »