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Sometimes Simpler Is Better (or why I took a hiatus for two months)

I’m back from my self imposed hiatus. I took the hiatus, not from photography, but from the computer in general.View full post »

Photographer Profile: Anita Bower, Flower Photographer

Switch it to 480p on the small screen above or watch it on Vimeo larger… (YouTube is famous for not always workingView full post »

Interview with Chester County, Pa photographer Michelle Stallman Billetta

This interview is with Chester County Pennsylvania based amateur photographer Michelle Stallman Billetta. I met MichelleView full post »

The Shutterbug And It’s Bite

©Daniel P. Creighton If you are not using what you already have you probably won’t use what you think you need! View full post »

Frustrated over being in a photographic slump?

Breaking Out Of A Photographic Depression

Originally published in 2001, Copyright Daniel P. Creighton __________________________________________ Are you in aView full post »