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A Winter Flash Back

A look back at images from a brief March snow storm. This post illustrates an answer I gave after recently judging aView full post »

Night snow scene. Tree and phragmites. Photo by Dan Creighton

Phragmites and Trees In Snow Storm

I knew I wouldn’t have the time to photograph the latest snow storm in a good location before the sun was high inView full post »

Choose your viewpoint, images of trees

Foggy Trees, Viewpoint Changes Message

Just as color and tone can impart mood so can your choice of view point, lens selection, exposure, and otherView full post »

Cemetary Photo Mood Choices

Foggy Morning, Toning for Mood

Color and tone in an image can greatly effect the emotional response of viewers to your images. When processingView full post »


Canon 7D, 100macroView full post »

Simple Places, Simple Subjects, Enhance Visual Skills

The above images are of subjects that are nothing special. But that is exactly the point I want to make for viewers withView full post »

More Trees

I have always loved photographing trees and they have been a common subject in my landscape images. Sometimes however itView full post »

One Tree, Two Views

The image below is the image I initially saw. But I’ve done the color sunset tree silhouette a ton of times. AndView full post »

Philadelphia and Camden Waterfront Scenes

In late fall I spent an evening enjoying the streets of Philadelphia with a good friend and fellow photographer.View full post »

Dexter, Puppy Portrait Session #2

It’s amazing how fast puppies change. This was Dexter’s second portrait session around a month later and heView full post »

Dexter, his first portrait session

I had the opportunity to do a quick portrait session for a friend of her new Golden Retriever puppy named Dexter theView full post »