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More Trees

I have always loved photographing trees and they have been a common subject in my landscape images. Sometimes however it’s time to try new things. These images were further test images taken with the Fuji XE1 w18-55. The above image is only possible because I used a R72 Infrared filter on the lens that blocks the visible light spectrum and only lets the infrared spectrum through to the sensor. The combination works really well on this camera and in black and white it turns foliage white and blue skies black. While there was little foliage in this winter woodlot scene the enhanced contrasts provided by infrared allowed the visual play on the smaller tree at right and the larger trees in the background. Converting a normal color image to black and white wouldn’t have had enough separation and tonal quality. I look forward to spring and the chance to be creative with more infrared images.

The image above was also a test shot to see how well the high ISO noise held up on the Fuji XE1. It’s image quality is superb up to ISO6400. This image was taken of trees lit by a nearby light source. A little post processing fun for mood results in this image. Both of these images are what I consider “making something out of nothing” images. There are also photos to be seen and taken if you know your equipment, are open to looking for images, willing to try new things, and also know what vision you want to express later through post processing.

veroniqueJanuary 31, 2013 - 4:08 am

The bottom picture and the blue tree (28.01) give me ideas ! Thanks

TonyJanuary 30, 2013 - 1:32 pm

Simple and graphic compositions. Very nice photographs

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