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Simple Places, Simple Subjects, Enhance Visual Skills

Shadows, pattern, texture, and color created by light coming through a window and onto drapery.

Shadows create the line and texture of this sport coat hanging up on a hanger.

The above images are of subjects that are nothing special. But that is exactly the point I want to make for viewers with this blog post. I occasionally force myself to find images in the most mundane, boring, and common locations. One exercise I occasionally do is to tell myself I have to take a couple photos from wherever I am sitting when I have a camera in my hand. Forcing myself to look for images, where I wouldn’t normally choose to, literally forces me to look for light, shadow, texture, and color. It may sound simple and these images are but later in the field or on assignment you find yourself looking harder and seeing things differently, and hopefully better, because of it. So the next time you are sitting in your home try forcing yourself to find a few images from where you sit. Then when you are in the field and you think there isn’t something to photograph do the same thing. I bet you find images, simple or not, that you would not have ordinarily.

marty golinFebruary 4, 2013 - 1:10 pm

Yes! At the risk of being pompous… One is “in the field” every waking moment. If “mindful” (best generic word that I know of) of & scanning one’s surroundings, this process can be at engaged. Whether an actual photo takes places is secondary.

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