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A Winter Flash Back

A look back at images from a brief March snow storm. This post illustrates an answer I gave after recently judging a contest in regards to working a scene. The same scene photographed from different angles, using different post processing techniques, and in different weather or light conditions can dramatically improve or change an image and how an image appeals to others viewing it. Doesn’t the bottom image photographed in the same storm of the same trees feel and say something totally different then the two top images? For those camera club people out there think about how you work a scene, view a scene, capture the scene, and present the scene via exposure, technique, and post processing. It will make a difference in how you do in competition. As a further example think about how the top image would look and feel cropped from the right to make the image square… I think it would be better yet. Little changes, big differences.

TonyMay 31, 2013 - 10:00 am

Lovely images, especially the top one. What I like is the contrast between the trees and branches and the light background as well as th erepeating patterns drawing the eye in. I actually prefer it rectangle becauae I wouldn’t want to lose the branches from the righthand most tree that stretches across the frame and exits the image. I think this helps balance the image. Anyway, great images!

veroniqueMay 31, 2013 - 8:20 am

I love the first one, esp. the road.

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