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Working A Scene, Step by visual step.

Let’s go through the thought process of working a scene. Here is the scene setter. The line of the parking lot, the dramatic light from breaking storm, and the strong tree initially grabbed my eye. So I underexposed to create some drama.

But maybe that tree by itself would have more impact since I was shooting in infrared b&w and it creates nice ethereal effects with foliage by turning them white…

Maybe two is better? Place the first tree to the left.

But the clouds are really to the left and hey that tree frames the scene nice…

And if it framed the clouds on the left maybe going right would do it. And horizontal fits there but…

… that right view has some nice lines with the field edge and the image can be simplified again to create a whole new image.

In less then a minute or two you can produce several compositions at almost any scene. Just move, think, and experiment. Doing so will help you to see and create stronger images.

Anita BowerJune 5, 2013 - 6:01 pm

YOU can create several excellent compositions of any scene in a few minutes, but some of us are hard pressed to create one!

martyJune 3, 2013 - 1:14 pm

God Dan, I take a week off & you flood your site with new stuff. (I should take more time off since it benefits both myself & the world at large.) Excellent examples.

Just a minor twist to your advice (move, think, experiment)… Sometimes just scan all around/above/below from where you’re standing & simply SEE what you see even if it’s not what you first saw. Never think that you’ve seen it all, but on a practical level, at some point one hits the point of diminishing returns; then move & repeat.

Mindful seeing leads to unexpected realizations & experiments. As you illustrate, the line from A to B to C is rarely straight.

veroniqueJune 3, 2013 - 10:49 am

Thanks for this !

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