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Wedding Vision


So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog. Life’s other priorities of a full time job and many other things have taken much of my attention especially my time. But I haven’t quit shooting professionally or personally. I photographed a wedding a couple weeks ago and when I asked the bride if there was a special photo she had in mind her answer was that the priest kept saying how great the photos usually are when the bride prays to Mary during the ceremony. I’ve been to this church before and I’ve done the “from behind” photo before too as it’s an obvious must have shot and the priest and staff at St Maria Goretti Parish in Hatfield are very open to photography during the ceremony and a pleasure to work with. But since it was a clear focus for the bride, and also because I’ve “done it before”, I wanted to do something different, somehow. Luckily the light worked in my favor and I was able to take a “typical image” to the next level for the bride using some minor enhancements because of it.

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