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hotojournalist: noun; Journalism in which photography dominates written copy, as in certain magazines. News photography, whether or not for primarily pictorial media, publications, or stories.

Generalist: noun; A person whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applied to a field as a whole or to a variety of different fields. One who has broad general knowledge and skills in several areas.

My name is Dan Creighton and I am a professional photojournalist based in southeastern corner of Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia.  As you may have noticed by the title I don’t just consider myself a photojournalist but more of a “photogeneralist”.  I cover a wide range of photographic subjects from news scenes, sports (one of my specialties), and features as a photojournalist as well as photographing weddings, portraits, and nature.  I pride myself in trying to stay fresh in terms of technology and with my vision. In this photoblog you will see my range of work from nature subjects, to portraits, to still lifes, and who knows what.  In general anything at all may be a subject for my cameras and I look forward to sharing my visions with you the viewer.