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    Most developers are self taught. Formal blockchain education is in its infancy. I have a ton of educational resources at 

  2. Crypto Markets Rebound as Regulators Emphasize "Do No Harm" Approach πŸ’ͺ 😁 

  3. Bitcoin is the New Gold for the Cryptocurrency Age πŸ‘ 

  4. Bitcoin Will Stabilize, Hit $50K by 2019 πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜‰ 

  5. Bitcoin may make a comeback THIS week? Count us in!  via @expressuk

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    The best time to sell is during euphoria. The best time to buy is during panic. The challenge is to keep a cool head during both phases.

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    Quality memes from r/Bitcoin

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  8. Ready to bust even MORE Bitcoin rumors?  via Forbes

  9. Time to bust some Bitcoin rumors!  via Forbes

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  11. I just published β€œAn Apology to Paxful Customers, The iTunes Dispute Dilemma” β€¦

  12. We all go through a times in our lives when we feel financially unstable, just ask David Van Boom. But find out how BITCOIN helped him become financially stable!  via @CNET

  13. 50 Cent? More like millions!: American rapper 50 Cent makes an estimated amount of 8M dollars worth of bitcoins! Check it out:  via @BBCWorld

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